Illinois Route 173 will be closed between Sheridan Road and Elisha Avenue until sometime Thursday July 31st. Last night a water main under Route 173 at the Sheridan west alley ruptured. This section of main has been isolated (turned off) and no customers have lost water. The break in the line has undermined the road (to what extent is not known yet) and has caused severe pavement buckling.

IDOT and the City have concurred that it is not safe for travel until permanent repairs can be made.

This section of pipe which is approximately 60 feet in length was constructed in 1928 and instead of making a spot repair and hoping it won’t happen again we have decided to replace it due to the extensive excavation that will be required anyways. The length of the road closure is due to the fact that flowable fill will be required in the trench of the pipe replacement and will have to cure a least one day prior to repaving. This is in addition to the removal of the buckled pavement sections that will also be in need of replacement.

Equipment will mobilize today for a morning start. Campanella and Sons will be replacing the water main and pavement removal with the resurfacing being sub-contracted out. The Water Department will be removing a broken valve on the north side of 173 at Elisha Avenue at the same time. They will be coming in at 6 am to try and get ahead of the morning traffic. If everything goes as planned the only business to be out of water will be Advanced Auto for a few hours which they are aware of.

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